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Formula 1 Mobile Application, News Update Formula 1

For those of you who enjoy racing Formula 1, will be helped by this Symbian based applications.
This application can be optimized weeks to find out the latest news on Formula 1.

With this application you'll be the first people to know the latest news updates Formula 1, such as match schedules with the following calendar view the date and the host country.
In addition, you can also get information about the trajectory profile to be used in the game.
You can also find out the result quickly and automatic qualification.

For the operation of this application will only run if the phone you use to connect to the internet.
This application also has information on interviews with mechanical or engine specifications with a complete profile of the drivers.

In this application gallery menu there are various kinds of photos, taken during exercise or interesting incident during the race.
This unique application also presents the results of races historically from 1950 are complete, including the winners of the race
You do not need to worry if you do not understand its regulation in general, because the description given enough detail.

Publisher: Formula 1.
Platform: Symbian S60.
File Size: 718 KB.
Category: Sport News.
Downloads: Here.

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3 Response to "Formula 1 Mobile Application, News Update Formula 1"

  1. sda says:

    wow makin keren n lengkap saja yang ditawarkan...
    semua serba canggih ya...

    narti says:

    makasih infonya ya...
    cocok nih buat penggemar F1.

    sukumar says:

    Ya I got about this Formulaone application it reached. It's game application. I didn't use this application. but it's wonder.iPhone Website Development

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