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Final Update OperaMini 5, For Internet Users Via Mobile

Easy of internet access, providing added value to our frequent use of mobile phones.
After renewal of OperaMini version 5 Beta and Beta 2, following the final version OperaMini 5.

Browser developer Opera, browser software makers back to give the best browser application that is OperaMini.

After going through the first and second Beta Version, this OperaMini 5 come back with the final version.

With the presence of the last version of this OperaMini 5 has the objective to improve OperaMini 5 previous versions because it still a Beta 1 and Beta 2.
There are so many feature improvements that can be found on the last version of OperaMini 5, includes Tabbed Browsing, Speed Dial, and long-click menus.

Besides the improvement of the Tabbed Browsing feature, Speed Dial, and long-click menus in the last 5 versions can also be found improvement of some features.
Like the Remember Password feature, Opera Link, and Power Scrolling.

To view the browser in OperaMini 5 final version was not much different from the predecessor version.
Only the final version becomes more stable when first run.
To Quickway links or immediate access menus from the WEB or WAP address also has links from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to opening the pages you have previously saved a user can do so through the Bookmarks menu.
If the user wants to perform storage pages you have visited, can do so via the menus Save Pages.

Before using the application with last version OperaMini 5 maximally, first you open the settings menus.
For in that menus can maximize the features available in this latest version OperaMini 5 in accordance with the wishes of users.
Some of the settings menus that must be seen is at the Privacy menus, in this menus the users can know the Clear History, Clear Password, and Clear Cookies.

To Quickway Links menus or the quick access menus in making access to the desired link address users can also add Shortcuts menus contained in the settings menus.
For users who are interested in this latest OperaMini 5, the users is required to download the application.
Meanwhile, for users who already have a previous version of OperaMini 5 there is no harm in doing an update with this application.

Application Name: OperaMini v5.00 (0) .18635 Final Version.
File Capacity: 262 KB.
Compatibility: Java MIDP 2.0
Download Links Mobile:
Download Link PC: Here.

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