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A Complete Dictionary Application For Java Mobile

Various features of the phone we can use everyday.
For mobile users who want a complete dictionary that is used in cell phones can directly read the following article ...

This comprehensive dictionary is an application developer's work from the Indonesian people of this beloved children's is Novel Yahya.

This complete dictionary based application platform Java MIDP 2.0 or J2ME and can be used in all types of mobile phone that has Java MIDP 2.0 platform

This complete dictionary has a function to be able to translate a word from English into Indonesian vice versa accurately.

As with the installation of a software or application in general, do the restart when installation has made the application.

Because this application has a copyright license from the manufacturer, and please note that in order to be able to use all the existing menu of this application requires a license code from the developer.
To require a license code you can get through the information.

Although this application is the trial, but this application has a complete word will be searched to be translated.

If you want to start translating the words a user can do so via the menu English-Indonesian or Indonesian-English.

In translating a language, this application can also display the menu in a version of Regular and Irregular Verb.

With the two can complement the menu in the menu to translate Indonesian to English or English into Indonesian.

While in search methods and language syllable of this application has its own completeness in translate.

Application Name: A Complete Dictionary v4.1
File capacity: 1.802 KB.
Compatibility: Java MIDP 2.0
Downloads Link: Click Here.

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  1. NanLimo says:

    woww.. is cool .. :D

    aplikasinya bayar ya kak?

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