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(M2M), Micxon Messenger Application

Like Nexian Messenger, Micxon Messenger application also uses a special PIN.
If users want to get the PIN, the user must have one phone that was launched Micxon product.
Then the user can perform registration Micxon Messenger account, and follows procedures to do the user.
  1. Please send email to
  2. Attach the following data in the email that users send: Micxon handset users, Phones IMEI number, Location of purchase, Names and phone numbers.
  3. After verifying the data, then Customer Service will immediately send Micxon Messenger application, including the installation guide on your phone or memory card that users use (Depending on the type or QWERTY handset is used).
Micxon Messenger applications compatible for mobile Java based QWERTY Micxon.
To rate this application uses data connections via GPRS, for the type included in the bundling program.
The use of tariffs is also in accordance with the promo package offered.

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3 Response to "(M2M), Micxon Messenger Application"

  1. thanks atas artikelnya

    Anonymous says:

    saya sudah mencobanya, tetapi tidak dikirim juga ya ke aplikasi micxon S908

    ada forum buad tambah tmend di micxon messenger gag ???

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