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Paint Pad Application, Image Editing Service On Mobile

This application is a mobile service development of a paint that has been there before.
But in this version, which was presented to the user interface more interactive.
So that it can allow users to create and express the desired results at his own image editing.

With additional features are already contained in this application, users can also use images as backgrounds who want to design a user modification.
Users will also see the option tool box, this feature would not be in the picture which is presented separately.

Since the small mobile screen display plus a tool box will be quite disturbing impressed operational.
While the placement itself is now placed on the lower side of the screen.

Many changes and additions contained in this application, if the previous version has a shortage on the tool box as erase or fill.
In the new version is starting to be added with the new color choices.
Another interesting thing is the user can see the existence of an undo or redo option if users make mistakes when editing can change it.

As more details of these features make the paint pad like application of paint on the OS Windows.
Especially with the use of mobile phones Touchscreen then complete a paint pad into a like paint Windows application on mobile formats.

Publisher: Forum Nokia.
Platform: Symbian S60.
File Size: 718 KB.
Category: Multimedia Utilities.
Download: Here.

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