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Netbook With Solar Energy

Company comes from Spain has showed four newest netbooks their at arena LibreMeeting that sponsored by Free Knowledge Foundation in Madrid.

Among newest netbook referreds, there is two model units super netbook environmentally friendly supportive solar energy panel and made of materials bio plastic.

Environmentally friendly Peripheral is referreds sold among price 130 till 160 euro or 180 till 220 dollar AS, with wight 700 grams, use Linux operating system and processor with speed 400MHz.

iUnika has placed flash memory as big as 64GB as the storage media, RAM as big as 128MB, WiFi and 10/100 Ethernets for connectivity.

Netbook with screen 8 this inchs can support with resolution 800x480 pixel.

Even there is version that use solar energy panel at casing with materials bio plastic that can be recycled, show from panel picture referreds insufficient to produce power more than 4 watts.

With power consumption that about 3-4 watt, big possibility panel was with solar energy referreds only it's enough for store data the moment that used finished battery and conduct shutdown properly.

However, effort makes environmentally friendly netbook is referreds make proper rewarded.

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10 Response to "Netbook With Solar Energy"

  1. unfortunately I'm living in Indonesia if I'm spanish and have some money I want to get it. show me the way how I can find it ! hi hi hi...

    wah nice info friend tnks

    iphud says:

    wuih gak perlu ngecass kang mangtabs :D

    Rkeyla says:

    waw...tambah canggih nie

    Mufi_ed says:


    Nice info sob...

    ryva says:

    keren habis infonya boz

    $enggol sobb...
    $enggol balik yaaa...

    Artha says:

    Ok juga tuh infonya. Bisa ngasih daftar harga lokal? Trims.

    is it out yet ??

    gadget help

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