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Fire fox 3.6, 3.7 and 4.0 will be enthused in 2010

Competition in browser market in 2010 predicted will growing multitude.

Browser Developer like Google, Apple, Opera, Microsoft is entered Mozilla copes to present best browser its in 2010.

Its plan in 2010, Mozilla plan will launch two till three update versions Firefox.

version is referreds namely Firefox 3.6, 3.7 and 4.0.

Like forwarded Softpedia, Thursday (31/12/2009), Mozilla designs all three by using code of Lorentz name.

According to member of developer team Mozilla, Benjamin Smedberg, all three is Mozilla newest breakthrough that ,present new features like menu new toolbar and more responsive User Interface.

On schedule, Release candidate (RC) Firefox 3.6 will be launched in January 2010 also terminate kick tejang Firefox 3.5 in first month.

Version Update 3.6 will be divided into Firefox 3.6.2 and 3.6.3.

Mean while, Firefox 3.7 are predicted will be launched in the middle of 2010, whereas Firefox 4.0 will be launched final 2010.

Mozilla as the browser developer now continued vie with Microsoft domination.

Even, StatsCounter newest data expresses, amount of browser user Firefox 3.5 overlap user amount Internet Explorer 7.

StatsCounter expresses globally user Firefox 3.5 control 21,9 market percents, where as IE7 only 21,2 percents.

Where as, two IE other versions, namely IE6 and IE8 controls each 13,9 and 20,9 percents.

Stand-out that if totalized user amount IE6,7, and 8 it's true still dominant.

IE, according to StatsCounter control a United States market, whereas Mozilla Firefox more predominates Europe market.

In European continent, Firefox 3.5 domination of around 28,4 market percents while IE 8 control 21,6 percents.

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6 Response to "Fire fox 3.6, 3.7 and 4.0 will be enthused in 2010"

  1. mufied says:

    nice info sob !!!!!

    Arsyil says:

    Mozilla ma google crome bagus yg mn ya sob??
    Gw masi pake mozilla neh

    sda says:

    nunggu aja deh, moga lebih bagus...

    narti says:

    tahunya makai aja nih...
    thanks infonya.

    Emang PILIHAN GUA...
    MAntab Mas, thanks infonya...
    Terus berkarya, Mas Ryan........
    Salam Buat Istrinya.................

    bagus infonya sobat, salam kenal !

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