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Nokia N900 Smartphone At This Time

Company in area handphone specially Nokia in the reality there is no stopped always release new innovation its to compete in the market.

After launch N97 now Nokia returned launched N900 to face competition phone cell smartphone that at this time growing multitude enthuse hunters sophisticated phone cell.

N900 is solidarity between phone cell and computer that very enthuse users phone cell as the business medium.

According to news that circulate at Detik, in english marketing N900 is have time to delayed link more and more its enthusiast and because level of request in the market N900 have time to experiences of stop during a week cause run out of stock.

Specification from nokia N900 :

* Processor : ARM’s Cortex-A8 600Mhz
* screen : 3.5 inchs resolution 800×480 WVGAs touch screen (this has been like computer screen)
* 'keyboard' : QWERTY 3 lines
* Network : quad-band GSM/EDGE and 900/1700/2100MHz WCDMA/HSPA
* Connectivity : Wifi, GPS/aGPS, FM Transmitter, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
* Camera : 5Megapixel with optic Carl Zeiss is equiped dual LED Flash and video capture (848×480 pixelses@25fps)
* Memory : 1Gb
* Repository Memory : 32Gb
* Multi tasking : yes
* Browser : with technology Mozilla and support Adobe Flash 9.4
* 3.5mm audio jack with TV-out

Price that release for N900 ascertained about USD 710 pin-cushions or about Rp.7.000.000

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11 Response to "Nokia N900 Smartphone At This Time"

  1. iphud says:

    haloo wah buat GA yach bang keren dech.....

    aephobia says:

    wah posting ajib sobat ryan ^_^ \m/

    bikin ngiler za....
    kapan dirikuh pnya yg kayak di 'atas' y? hehehe

    ryva says:

    nice infonya jadi kepengen tapi sayang gak ada dananya wkwkwkwwkwkwk

    Rkeyla says:

    wuih....mantap abiz nie ponselnya
    g nolak dach klo dibeli'in

    sumpe keren nih HP...sayang gw cuma pake 1 bulan...trus dijokul buat berobat adis...

    pingin.. hpnya.... keren bgt ya....

    nice review sob....,nice mobilephone

    kalau produk bagus pasti mahal ya?...

    brekele says:

    wow ... keren ....

    Edu says:

    Seperti biasa..kepingin, tapi g ada dana..Tapi Harus diakui..keren!!!

    Edu says:

    kawan, bisa g kita tukaran link..
    Saya sudah pasang !rchymera! di

    ditunggu linkbaknya..

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