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HTC will launch 8 sophisticated celullar phone in 2010

In the reality company that active in phonsel that called HTC in 2010 will release some phonsels in the future.
A forum XDA Developer will advise a journey map HTC in 2010 the coming.

Seen drawn almost all celullar phones at previous news there are here, like Legend, Salsa, Tide, Buzz, Bravo, Photon, Trophy, and Tera.
8 celullar phones are referred as divided into some categories in accordance with character or celullar phone specification referred as : Design, Social, Performance, and Produktivitas.

This Brochure in can be from meeting agenda HTC Global in Vienna, Austria that discuss celullar phone portfolio HTC up to June 2010.

Thus let's see begin at legend HTC following :

HTC Legend:
If seen from model design, look like HTC Magic and Hero with camera 5 megapixels, screen AMOLED 3.2 inchs, big possibility like OS Android.

HTC Salsa:
Celullar phone Android with keypad Qwerty, camera 3.2 inchs, FM Radio and Prosesor MSM7225 528Mhz. People say will launch in the middle of in 2010.

HTC Tide:
Celullar phone with big screen those included in ketegori Social, seems this celullar phone is addressed to run Social Media or Networking. This Celullar phone uses processor in common with Salsa MSM7225 528Mhz with camera 3.2 megapixels. Its plan will be launched month April2010.

HTC Buzz:
Celullar phone Social this media look likes HTC Tattoo. Back Casing that can changed-change and seen gorgeous, suited for user of youngster community. With camera 5 megapixels with Flash, network HSPA and use OS Android.

HTC Bravo:
This is celullar phone that titled the ones that "Performance". Claimed use processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz, OS Android, supported Format Video DivX, Video Recording high resolution, camera 5 megapixel autofocuses with Flash, screen big AMOLED 3.7 inchs, Slot Memory MicroSD 16GB too may will be launched on April 2010. This is celullar phone HTC the quickest one.

HTC Foton:
This Celullar phone difference with other celullar phone above because use OS WIndows Mobile. This productivity Celullar phone uses screen 3.2 inchs HVGA capacitive TouchScreen, camera 5 megapixels, processor 600Mhz MSM7227. Seems this is HTC Touch Diamond2 new generation that too may will be launched on April 2010.

HTC Trophy:
Productivity Celullar phone with Qwerty, screen VGA 3 inchs use mobile windows 6.5 and processor are equal to photographed MSM7227 600Mhz. Too may will be launched on May 2010.

HTC Tera:
People say is router HTC Touch Pro2 with qwerty sliding from other side, with screen 3 inchs, WM 6.5 OSs, camera 3.2Megapixel, 256RAM and battery 1300mAh. Too may will be launched on April 2010.

A large part of celullar phones above use OS Android, but Windows Mobile controls in productivity celullar phone. A lot tell Tahun 2010 is Google year Android, where much celullar phoneses will use Android as the operating system bases.

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19 Response to "HTC will launch 8 sophisticated celullar phone in 2010"

  1. aephobia says:

    wah asyik...
    aq koment pertama nih sob ^_^

    kmjuan tknologi n informasi memang mustahil dihentikan
    dan tidak ada salahnya qt menyelaraskan dan mnjadi bagian dari prkmbangan itu sendiri

    salut aq padamu sob, sllu update
    keren...keren...nice post sahabatku

    desti says:

    Hallo sob,, pa kabar nih?
    :) masih tetep exist nih di blog...??

    Jimox says:

    sekarang lagi sedang dila tekno ya bang? hehe...

    ryva says:

    Wuih ada yang baru lagi ya boz, padahal yg lama aja belum sempat beli xixixixi

    Gadget sekarang emang keren2 yah..

    kang, ada undangan nih. dateng ya keselametannya rumah baru sayah. :)

    Rkeyla says:

    mantap abiz tu pa
    tp kok bentuknya kyk bedak ma2 yach

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