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8 Safe Tips In Using Celullar Phone

This time a celullar phone is not one of next and expensive product in society in general,almost all people have never live without celullar phone.

Good group of low class society or nob have been foreign next by what whose name is celullar phone.

Nevertheless either man or woman not so realize danger its use a celullar phone, even many people pass the times by telephone.

Until on the other side gadget that continued experience of this innovation are considered as one of cause of brain cancer.

Though many people that assume news is referred ace still crisscross but according to much experts, there is nothing wrong we ugly effect minimization from celullar phone.

Here there is 8 rules that can be conducted in order to safe everybody uses celullar phone.
  1. Age Child under 12 year shall not often use celullar phone,ask the little one to wear telephone grasps for only emergency.
  2. Better imposed peripheral hands free when telephone, safer this condition are compared to paste up celullar phone in our ear directly.
  3. Don't keep celullar phone in pants pocket. Radiation from celullar phone feared poison bothers blood circulation in centre part and under body.
  4. Laboured not put down near our head when sleep.
  5. Don't wear celullar phone too old. Whenever must old, better use tool hands free.
  6. Hoped changed ear position when we telephone.
  7. Better don't use telephone in location that have unstable signal, or on-site mobile for example when us reside in car.
  8. Labour lessen telephone frequency, and better communicate pass message.
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9 Response to "8 Safe Tips In Using Celullar Phone"

  1. mufied says:

    Nice POst sobb !!!

    thanks !!!

    Rkeyla says:

    ow jd gt to pa
    ok bgt nie tipsnya sangat bermanfaat

    Sulthan says:

    Nice english post bro... :)

    aephobia says:

    sobat rchymera aq kurang begitu mudeng ni sama bahasa inggris ^_^
    wah aq pake translate dlu yah...hehe

    tapi kyanya ini post, post yg brmanfaat deh
    trims sdah mau berbagi

    Arsyil says:

    Wah lama saya tak blogwalking ke sini.
    Pa kabar?
    Maaf bro, seminggu lebih diriku sakit tipes...

    hmmmmmm ditunggu kunjungannnya lagi buat backlink nich IPHUD.......

    @_T!ka says:

    Nice info! Thanks for sharing!
    Bermanfaat banget nih

    nice info sob.... terus berkarya... :):)

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