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5 easy ways overcome computer virus

Ever disturbed by virus that attack yours computer? Meanwhile update antivirus we have not yet can recognize criminal program that bother referred. Why not try analysis fads by it self? Simple phase Here you are its.

Adang Juhar Taufik, Sen. Vaksinis Vaksincom in seminar Vaksincom in Ancol, Friday (4/12/2009), give explanation so simple its step of virus analysis that infiltrate at computer Windows, specially if that attack local virus.

“For local virus by it self actually easy to analyse it, because sure its same character,” he said. Adang even also tells that first our must have internet, to look for tools that in free of charge can in download at some site.

In other hand local virus also can be seen passed by list process Windows pass by task manager, to see bizzare file type that running. Despitefully we also can analyse it pass by registry tools (reg. edit).

“For user that more advanced there is 2 tools that could probably used namely pack detection and unpack program and VB decompiler. Because usually local virus bases on VB,”.

Adang even also explains after we own tools are referreds, we can start analysis with simple steps:

  1. Comprehend first virus type that attack: Icon are what disguised and its size.
  2. Comprehend virus characteristic. What make duplicate file, hide file, injection file, or present certain message.
  3. Comprehend the working of virus: What's altered virus, what registry, mains file made, or function windows that is block.
  4. Comprehend virus spreading: What pass by flash USB disk or folder that share, because usually local virus infiltrated pass by 2 medias are referreds.
  5. Ready some tools that used.
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5 Response to "5 easy ways overcome computer virus"

  1. SIPUD says:

    oke i know, learn about viruses now..

    Met pagi sobb...
    Bangun pagi utk mampir di blog kmu..
    Makin keren blognya.
    Mampir balik ya sobb...
    Ditunggu komen baliknya!Thx

    mufied says:


    Nice info sob....
    Happy new year sob !!!

    ryva says:

    mantap bener infonya boz, biar kita semua dapat mencegah timbulnya virus. xixixixixi

    aephobia says:

    baru berkunjung lagi
    mavin sob...

    virus euy...
    mav sedikit menyimpang dari tema
    sob selain info di atas, ada ngga cara wat ngebasmi virus win32 sality, kedeur dirikuh ngadepin virus yg satu ini...mohon pencerahannya

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