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Free Backup Phonebook Online

There are many ways to backup your phone data, ranging from general or by using a computer connection, using standard phone applications, to left on a dedicated server online.
This last way is provided by many mobile operators, nearly all GSM operators have to provide backup services, but it paid.
Here I'll share a little trick to use phonebook backup service for free.
Some of them you can see the following tips:

Google Sync.
Google provided services actually had long existed, in addition to excess Google Sync application is free of our data will be stored in Google's servers so that if we change our phones can be reset to synchronize contact lists and calendars we've ever made in the previous phone to the Phone The new easily.
This synchronization process can also be done automatically, so we do not have to do it manually, although the manual option also available.
But if you want to enjoy this service you are required to have an account at Google.
After that you should do some steps that have been adjusted settings with the brand and type of phone you have.

If you use the Symbian 60 2nd edition (Nokia 6630), the following steps.
Click menu -> Connectivity -> Select sync -> Options -> New sync profile, then when out of me copy the values from another profile "select only No.
Then fill sync profile data with Google sync content, data bearer with Web content.
In the access point in accordance with the contents of your SIM card you're using.
Host address content with, then the contents of the port with the number 443.
For the user name according to the contents of your account in gmail and password in accordance with the contents of your account password is.
Next slide the joystick to the right -> select "contacts" select Yes -> select back -> back -> Save.

This application offers the ease of data backup for all phones, not only the phonebook, but also MP3, photos, video, etc.
Applications that can operate almost in all this phone is also easy to operate, simply run the application and click save.
Actually Pleex not just backup data storage space, data is already in the backup that can be managed, edited, added or deleted online.
You also can export contacts from a PC in CSV and vCard formats, in addition you can export photos to Facebook, Blogger, and Flickr as well as import contacts from Gmail and Facebook.

In Pleex distribution present in the two versions of the standard and premium.
Users with premium version can enjoy additional facilities feature automatically contacts storage.
You are also permitted to backup calendar, Task, and notes in this version.
Additional security features for premium users can delete the data and block phone remotely if your phone is lost.
Data capacity ten times greater, the available capacity to reach standard one GB of which only a hundred MB.
But the lack of a premium version of the facility is only available for paid services, and the rest is free to all customers standard version.

If you want to try it please visit the official website here, if you are experiencing difficulties can also download the application here and then install on the phone.
Once the application is installed on Pleex menu -> options -> open.
At first open the application you are asked to fill out some forms.
Enter the name of Indonesia as a country, then insert the phone number and your email address.
Do not forget to check the check box "I approve terms of use" and click the register button.

To see a list of contacts who have backed up, visit pleex from your computer, but if you want to restore contacts list that have been backed up living Pleex install this application on a new phone with your account login -> Open menu contacts backup -> choose restore.
Then automatically contacts list will be right again.

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  1. narti says:

    makasih infonya, makin lengkap saja fasilitas yg ditawarkan.
    hp ku seri berapa ya? hihi....

    Sakit apa neh, mas ryan,,,
    Semoga lekas sembuh aja,,,
    Jaga KESEHATAN Mas,,,

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