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New Series Motorola for Class Beginner

Motorola returns launch some entry level celullar phones for area Asian Pacific.
No half the battle not merely one celullar phone unit but there is 4 models defined.
That is Motorola WX280, WX288, WX390 and WX395.

Seen from its design 4 this celullar phone units apply concept by model candybar.
In other hand between WX280 and WX288 haves similarity in the case of design, also WX390 and WX395.
Nevertheless all remain to offer amenity in simple operation and display , specific middle-weight under celullar phone.

Draw it this celullar phones is equiped design technology True Comfort, with improvisasi in style its use at ear that put down precise speaker in hole ear.
So it's can produce maximal audio quality and freshment when used to call.

Though cusorily same precisely fourth this celullar phone haves different character.
WX280 and WX288 for example, bring different connection, at WX280 only supplied data cable miniUSB is being at WX288 there are facility bluetooth.
Existing feature Rest on the two this same celullar phone.

At WX390 and WX395 difference the most striking is at camera part.
At WX395 has been supplied camera with strength 1,3 megapixels, where as at WX390 still limited to VGA.
In other feature both this celullar phone supplied MP3/MP4 player and card slot microSD that support till capacities 2GB.

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5 Response to "New Series Motorola for Class Beginner"

  1. ryva says:

    wah ada yang terbaru lagi nich sob, keren habis

    Buagus banget....
    Tapi kyknya uangnya anggarannya yg kurang bagus.
    Berikan yang TERBAIK untuk yang memang BAIK ini. SEMUANGAT Mas Ryan...!!!

    Tapi kyknya anggarannya yg kurang bagus.
    Berikan yang TERBAIK untuk yang memang BAIK ini. SEMUANGAT Mas Ryan...!!!

    Rkeyla says:

    wach...mmantap nie pa
    jadi kepengen wkwkwkwkw

    sakthi says:

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    Hi friend nice blog .... so i menambahkan Anda di Bolg dan dapat Anda add me di BlogList Anda .. (http: \ \ \)

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